Recordiau Lliwgar

Recordiau Lliwgar

Award-winning brand creation and vinyl template design for Recordiau Lliwgar.

Both ‘Y Record Goch’ and ‘Y Record Las’ were designed and illustrated as a series of Welsh language double 10″ records. The design and style pays homage to Romek Marber‘s ‘The Marber Grid’, which was used for Penguin books from 1962. The illustrations also mirror the designs at the time by Marber and Germano Facetti.

The aim was to create simple geometric patterns, limited to 3 colours and to hold true to the grid system designed by Marber. 

Ctrl Alt Design received a Best of Welsh Design Award at Cardiff Design Festival 2012 for this bold and bright design. Record Collector and producer Dyl Mei described it as “The best Welsh album cover ever!”.

The brand for Recordiau Lliwgar needed to convey the idea of colour, but had to work in black or white, so it wouldn’t interfere with the colour of the theme. The final design was a Pinwheel, which is usually thought of as being a colourful object, whilst also being a geometric, simple object which complemented the design of the record sleeves.